G.O. Shooting


In addition to the following classes, we also offer private instruction for individuals or groups and will come and speak to your group about personal safety.  Contact us for available times.

USCCA Concealed Carry Weapons Class, Initial and Renewals $125/$80
This is the required class for obtaining a CCW in Kern Co. Please make sure you have approval before taking the class as the certificate is only good for 60 days. You must bring a handgun (preferably your carry gun), holster with appropriate retention, and a good belt. We use 150 rounds for renewal and 250 rounds for initial qualifications.  You will receive a USCCA certificate as well as the required sheriff certificate.



CCW/CO Qualification $5 per gun
In the initial and renewal CCW classes, 3 gun qualifications are included in the class price.  If you choose to have more than 3 guns listed on your permit, it will be $5 per gun additional fee.  If you choose to add a gun not during your initial or renewal class there will be a $25 minimum fee to offset range fees.


Utah/Florida Multi-State CCW $60
This is the required class for obtaining a Utah and FL CCW.  The class is 4 hours and meets or exceeds the UT standard for obtaining a CCW.  Upon completion of the class, you receive a certificate and all materials to complete your application.  This CCW is good choice if you travel out of state often.  AZ packets are included at no additional charge.


Countering the Mass Shooter $40
This is a 4 hour course with books and materials included. This course will help you prepare for a Mass Shooter and give you tools to protect your students, employees, employers.   This is for churches, schools, businesses and any organization.

Counter the Mass Shooter

USCCA Instructor Course $347
This is a 16 hour class taught over 2 days.  You must complete the elearning in the USCCA toolkit two weeks before class.  Class consists of adult learning, methods and hands on instruction.  You must present various materials in class and demonstrate gun knowledge and skills.  There is a firearm qualification that will be held on the first day.  You must pass the qualification to pass the class.

USCCA Instructor

Hunter Safety $10
Hunter Safety Certificate is required to purchase all hunting licenses and is good for life.
Two options for completion of required study:
• The 8 hour course includes instruction, book and materials. You must pass with an 80% to receive a Hunter Safety Certificate. If you do not pass, you must take the course again.
• The 4 hour/online course is a study at home option. You must bring the completion certificate to class. Class includes review of material, test and certificate. You must pass with an 80%. This test is harder than the 8 hour course.

Hunter Safety

Refuse To Be A Victim $10
This is a 3 hour class where students learn how to avoid dangerous situations and protect themselves from crime while at home, at work, in the car, running errands, traveling, and includes online protection as well.


Basic Pistol or Rifle or Shotgun $75/$120
There are two options for Basic Classes and includes safety, parts of the firearm and fundamentals of shooting a particular firearm (aim, grip, stance, breathing, holding, and follow through.) If you have a gun you want to use, you may bring it to class. There are rentals available for an additional cost.
• The 3.5 hour class focuses on one gun and is about 50 rounds
• The 8 hour class (pistol only) lets you shoot both revolvers and semiautomatics with differing calibers and uses about 150 rounds.

Basic Firearms

Defensive Handgun $150
This is a skill builder after the CCW class.  You must have basic understanding of your gun and basic marksmanship.  You will learn to use fundamentals quickly and efficiently.

Defensive Handgun

Range Safety Officer  $150
This is an 8 hour course with books and materials included. This course allows you to work on a range and monitor shooters safely.  Through exercises in class, students will have a grasp of how to effectively give range commands, administer safety briefings, and follow emergency procedures.


FSC Instructor Class $60
This class is for new FFL licenses or employees wanting to issue FSC cards and fulfills the DOJ requirements for firearms safety.    Included is instruction, materials and practical demonstration by students in firearms safety and function.

FSC Instructor

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