If you’ve taken classes from us, you know we always encourage continuing training and learning in your journey. We have everything from how to buy a gun to the Kern County CCW application process and more.

Kern County CCW Process

Getting your Kern County Concealed Weapon License is as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1-Apply with the Sheriff

In California, the first step is to apply online with the Sheriff of the county where you reside. When applying you’ll need your driver’s license and 2 proof of residency along with the firearm’s make, model and serial numbers.

Step 2-Take the Class

Once you received your approval email from the sheriff outlining the next step, then you can take the class and schedule your fingerprints with the sheriff.

Step 3-Pick up the permit

After you have your fingerprint taken, the sheriff will call in 3-4 weeks with your

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