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Naomi Moss

Naomi can help you with your CCW application, gun handling, and advanced skills necessary to win the fight.

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Ladies Shooting Handguns

CCW, Basic and Advanced Firearms Classes offered since 2012.  With years of experience, Naomi can help you with any of the following:


CCW Online Options

CCW Application

CCW Qualifications

CCW Initial and Renewal Classes

CCW Permit Modifications

Advanced CCW

Defensive Handgun

Use of Force

Basic/Beginner Classes

Rifle and Shotgun Classes

Hunter Education

And More!

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Areas of Expertise

Firearm Safety

From the novice to the experienced shooter, safety is of utmost priority.  Beginner Firearm Classes are a great way to instill safety. 

Concealed Carry

Ca CCW Initial and Renewal classes taught every month.  Now serving Kern and LA Counties and UT CCW Classes too.

Force on Force

Coming soon!  Force on Force to enhance your defensive mindset. 

Security Planning

Business and Church security and safety planning.  Starting with assessing the facility to suggesting and implementing new procedures, we have your back.

Defensive Tactics

Learn specific tactics and methods to best employ your weapon in any environment our Advanced class, Defensive Handgun.  Speed.  Surprise.  Violence of Action.

Competitive Shooting

It’s not just about winning.  Well, maybe some.  Learn how to shave seconds off your time while increasing accuracy too.  

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Naomi Moss shooting while seated

Concealed Carry (CCW) Class

Naomi Moss and Stephen Moss with Rifles

Basic Firearms Instruction

Naomi Moss with Pheasant

Hunter's Safety Class

There’s a Reason My Students Come Back…

“I took my CCW class with Naomi. She’s a wonderful instructor, and I really felt ready to carry after taking her class. Informative class time, and she really helps get your skill level on the range where it needs to be.”

-Christian F.


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