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Greenhorn Outfitter offers all firearm classes from Hunter Ed to Kern County CCW Initial and Renewals, Home Defense to Active Shooter and more!

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Firearms Training by Greenhorn Outfitter

We start with the FUNdamentals of Firearms Training


Our Firearm training starts with a solid foundation in basic fundamentals. Once you have that down, we move into more advanced gun handling skills, including Kern County CCW classes. Whether you are just learning to shoot a shotgun or are developing your defensive handgun skills, Naomi can show you technique and methods to achieve your goals.

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Areas of Expertise

Firearm Safety

From the novice to the experienced shooter, safety is of utmost priority.  Beginner Firearm Classes are a great way to instill safety.

Concealed Carry

Kern County CCW Initial and Renewal classes taught every month and UT CCW taught every 2 months.  We also offer AZ CCW packets at every class.

Hunter Education

Hunter Education is an important class and right of passage for some. With great emphasis on safety, we love teaching those 10 and older.

Security Planning

Business and Church security along with safety planning is essential in today’s world.  From assessing to implementation, we got your back!

Defensive Tactics

Learn specific tactics and methods to best employ your weapon in any environment with our Defensive Pistol Class. Learn to shoot in dynamic situations.

Competitive Shooting

It’s not just about winning. Learn how to shave seconds off your time while increasing accuracy and efficiency. This class is for anyone wanting to improve.

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Naomi Moss shooting while seated

Kern County CCW Class

Naomi Moss and Stephen Moss with Rifles

Basic Firearms Instruction

Naomi Moss with Pheasant

Hunter's Safety Class

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