Concealed Carry Classes for CA and UT


Basic Firearm Classes for all ages


Advanced, Defensive and Tactical Courses


Hunter Education

CA CCW Initial

This is the required class for obtaining a CCW in Kern Co. Please make sure you have approval before taking the class

This is the required class for renewing a CCW in Kern Co. Class certificate is good 60 days.  You may renew within 30 days of expiration.


 This is the required class for obtaining a Utah and FL CCW. The class is 4 hours and meets or exceeds the UT standard for obtaining a UT CCW.


You may choose to do the CCW courses online.  Contact us for more details.


Basic Firearm Course

The fundamentals are paramount for any firearm.  Choose Rifle, Pistol or Shotgun and learn to use it efficiently and effectively.

Tactical Handgun

This is a skill builder after the CCW class. You must have basic understanding of your gun and basic marksmanship.

Hunter Education

Hunter Safety Certificate is required to purchase a hunting license and is good for life.  Check the CA DFW website for more information.


Students will have a grasp of how to effectively give range commands, administer safety briefings, and follow emergency procedures.

CA DOJ Instructor

This class is for new FFL licenses or employees wanting to issue FSC cards and fulfills the DOJ requirements for firearms safety.

USCCA Instructor Course

 Class consists of adult learning, methods and hands on instruction. You must present various materials in class and demonstrate gun knowledge and skills.

Other Courses

  • Countering the Mass Shooter
  • Firearm Qualifications
  • Refuse to Be a Victim
  • NRA Certified Courses
  • And More!

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available individually or in small groups.  We can meet your needs in firearm courses.

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