About Naomi

About Naomi Moss

Decades of shooting

It's not just the years, but the miles.

With extensive training under world-class instructors, Naomi brings unparalleled expertise in shooting and diagnostics to the table. Her knack for enhancing accuracy and speed, whether for novices or seasoned shooters, is truly exceptional.

Backed by a multitude of instructor certifications and countless hours devoted to learning, Naomi offers the seasoned experience required to elevate your shooting abilities to new heights.



Shooting isn’t just a job, but a passion. Naomi competes regularly and has won division awards at numerous sanctioned matches. While her main sport is USPSA and IDPA, she’s no stranger to 2 Gun, 3 Gun, Bug, and Steel Challenge matches too.

If you are interested in learning more about USPSA or IDPA and finding a club in your area, check out their websites.

Naomi can also give an introduction to competitive shooting.  Contact her for more information.